The 5 Elements of the 95 Method

Why elements? For two reasons – importance and the ability to combine. There are 118 elements in the periodic table. However, only four elements (iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium) make up about 90% of the earth. Similarly, we have found 5 elements combine for 95% of organizational performance.

Secondly, elements have the ability to combine. When elements mix they make new compounds. The 5 elements of the 95 Method combine to create a factorial improvement to performance. In simple terms, the 5 elements play well together and feed off of each other for performance greater than the sum of each individual element.

Aim and Narrative

You don’t need a burning platform or financial emergency to improve your organization. You need an Aim and a Narrative that inspires. customers and employees.

Customer-in Design

Designing from a customer viewpoint improves the customer experience and helps front-line employees make immediate adjustments to customer interactions.

Data to Knowledge

Data are becoming more important with the advent of Big Data. The question is, “If you didn’t know how to deal with small data – how are you going to deal with Big Data?”

Decision-Making System

Making better decisions hinges on understanding how you make decisions and what limits making better ones. This requires study and a system.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are no longer optional. Creativity brings new ideas products/services. An innovation pipeline keeps customers and employees juiced.

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