Are You an Efficient or Effective Executive?

Are you an efficient or effective executive? 

Many of the executives that I’ve worked with are very efficient. But not very effective. So what do I mean by that? Well, performance of an individual or an organization basically comes down to two dimensions. And I get these from Russell Ackoff. The first is efficiency, which is “doing things right.” And that would be when an executive runs a really good meeting or they meet their deadlines, those types of things. But when I’m talking in terms of being effective, where Russell Ackhoff talks, in terms of being effective, it’s about “doing the right things.”

Russell Ackoff had a saying, “It is better to aim at and miss the right thing to aim at and hit the wrong thing.” You could make excellent phone booths and be out of business.

What are the right things to do? This is the aim of The 95 Method but it not something I can tell you. It is something you have to learn.

I do this through The Effective Executive Education program by helping you construct a system map. Why do I propose a system map? Click here.

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