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What questions might get answered here? If you have struggled with any of these questions, you are in the right place.

How do I make an organization exciting and innovative to customers and employees?

How can my organization keep up with the speed of change?

Are there other ways to lead an organization than the ways most organizations do?

What are the benefits of a brain-friendly organization and how I do I build one?

Why is focusing on improving the system better than working on individuals, measures or goals?

The Transformation You Can Expect

The bottom line is you build an organization employees want to work for every day and customers want to have a long-term relationship. Personally, you will learn new methods to apply for systemic improvement. 

Why Us?

There are three factors setting us apart:

(1) Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK)

(2) The Latest Research in Neuroscience

(3) Method(s)

Dr. Deming’s SoPK provides a foundational philosophy – it includes Appreciation of a System, Knowledge about Variation, Theory of Knowledge and Psychology. These four parts are rarely combined in a system – consultants/advisors are typically specialists in just one or two areas. We utilize deep knowledge and skill of all four parts.

Neuroscience research is in its infancy and has ramped up over the past decade. We understand more about the brain and are learning more. We may be the only firm looking at how to apply this research to improving organizations through a systems approach – most focus on individual improvement or improvement in an area.

We provide methods. Our education programs focus on learning. Our five methods have been pinpointed by over 30 years of interactions with global organizations and advisory firms. We refer to these methods as “elements.” There are five elements we believe every organization needs to rethink to deal with the speed of change, outrageous demands from customers and employees looking for their next gig.

The 95 Method - Forged Through Learning

Like most people you learn through life experiences. The 95 Method (too) was forged from working with both good and bad leadership, reputable and dishonorable partners and a host of other life lessons. In the end, we have learned to take an organization from where they are – not where we want them to be. Neuroscience has helped with this as we have learned new techniques to understand how the brain works and the psychology behind it. Applied both to our clients, but more importantly, to ourselves.

What's Next?

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